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Lander Binding & Finishing is equipped with multiple gluing lines. From simple pocket folders to complex reinforced multi-panel folders, we are equipped to efficiently glue your presentation folder. In addition to presentation folders, our gluing line can finish your straight line table tent or box. We can also tip or affix a card or other promotional material onto your mailer and seal with fugitive glue.

Lander Binding and Finishing has broken new ground in the St. Louis packaging market with the acquisition of a new DGM straight line gluer. This machine is a state of the art gluer which can glue auto lock bottom boxes, reverse tuck boxes, 4 and 6 corner boxes as well as other specialty box configurations.


This high performance gluer is designed with the latest advancements to decrease set up times and increase running speeds while making sure a quality glued finished product is achieved.


This gluer, along with our capabilities in die cutting, 40 inch foil stamping and current gluers, sets Lander Binding and Finishing apart as the premier packaging finisher for the Midwest printer.

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