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Loose leaf operations involves the process of preparing a job to be processed into
its final state. Mechanical bound products such as plastic spiral and wire-o require collated and trimmed sets. Depending upon the page count and presence of additions such as foldouts and tabs will determine the method of loose leaf operation. Lander Binding can either single sheet collate a project or fold, collate, and trim four sides from folded signatures. Both of these loose leaf processes will prepare the job for the next process which is punching.



Lander Binding and Finishing automatically finishes your eyeleting job. Eyeleting is used to attach 2 circles together to form a rotating wheel. It can also be used to permanently attach a set of cards together or to reinforce a hole that a chain is threaded to. We stock many sizes in brass and nickel depending upon the thickness of your eyeleted set.

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